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Achieving New Highs in Skating With Uncle Biggs Botanicals

Cannabis and skateboarding. The lifestyle. The culture

Based in North Carolina, Uncle Biggs Botanicals was born from the amalgamation of 2 different passions. Cannabis and skateboarding. Established in the 80s, the relationship between cannabis and skateboarding culture is a long-lived one. As they both became symbols of freedom and self-expression. The lifestyle is an extension of one’s individuality and right to connect with their authentic self. Not to mention the camaraderie aspect that comes along with both. However, the real motivation for what we do is to bring the power of this unique medicinal plant to our community and beyond. From perseverance, and a zen-like feeling to laser focus and simply pure presence, cannabis can help unleash the mind from external thoughts and deepen the Zen trance. The benefits of cannabis apply tenfold for those dedicating their lives to excellence and extreme pursuits. Whether you are a skateboarder living a very active lifestyle, a professional in your industry looking to stimulate your creativity, or perhaps you just want to get some relief and a good night's sleep, we aim to deliver a natural alternative solution. It’s not a secret that the right strains of cannabis can be a blessing for individuals who want to manage fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, and conditions caused by inflammation. Our goal is to help you to lead a healthier, happier life.

Meet Chris (Biggs), the Founder

Born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, an affinity for art and self-expressing activities brought Biggs to get on a skateboard in his early teenage years. Fascinated by the self-learning nature of skateboarding yet intrigued by the gritty aspect of street style, he set out to pursue his passion, hone his craft, and completely change the trajectory of his life. After high school, Biggs worked at a local skate shop and became part of a growing skateboarding community where he met new and interesting people daily. Fully immersed in the culture, he was introduced to the cannabis plant for the first time back in 1996, an eye-opening experience. He began traveling across the nation, and in 2004, a 2 weeks trip to San Francisco turned into an over decade period full of life experiences and discoveries. Along the way, Biggs traveled the world and was given opportunities that had never crossed his mind before. An artist at heart, Biggs landed a job as a cinematographer while in San Francisco. Embracing another side of him that was once just a hobby. Between filming and working at a Cannabis dispensary, he was at the heart of the industry as cannabis and skateboarding were becoming one big culture.

More about Biggs and Cannabis

Over the years his vision and dreams have evolved as he gains experience and knowledge in the cannabis industry. From helping the elder manage pain to helping friends rescue cannabis crops from diesel generator explosions to shady C.A.M.P. (Campaign Against Marijuana Planting) Biggs continued to shape his vision and the man he is today. By 2017, California’s cannabis industry was changing and began hiring for cultivation jobs, with full benefits for employees and paperwork licensed by the state. Giving Biggs the chance to work for a legitimate, licensed small company with only 24 employees. He worked at CALIVA from 2017 to 2018. Hired to build the brand, he helped grow the company from 24 to 400 employees before realizing that the country boy inside him never left. Biggs packed up and ventured out to Oregon to help a dear friend who owned a 100-acre medical cannabis farm. Living with chickens, ducks, and horses, and helping to cultivate local produce added another layer to his ever-evolving life. Nevertheless, he gained tremendous knowledge on maintaining a self-sustainable lifestyle by homesteading. Back to the Eastside with a career that spans two decades, he now makes his boldest move yet; a transition into entrepreneurship. Biggs is ready to share 20 years' worth of experience and knowledge from all over the world.


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